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Our Philosohy

Your body is capable of doing incredible things.

We want you to discover your full potential, feel your best self and learn to love the body you have. 

We offer 1-2-1 Personal Training & Group Fitness classes in Bethnal Green & surrounding East London.

New for December

Thursday Morning 
Online Classes

In order to keep you moving this Christmas, we're adding in Thursday morning sessions - A 30 minute, full body workout you can do before work in the comfort of your living room!

We know it's easy to turn into a couch potato in December... So, we're adding in these short 30 minute online sessions so you can squeeze in at least one weekly workout without having to leave your living room!

THURSDAYS 07:00 - 07:30

via Zoom

Dates: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th December 2023

£8 for 1 class OR

Pay for all 4 classes: £24

To join these sessions drop us an email at or contact us on Instagram or by text and we'll tell you how to pay and send you the Zoom links to join.

Want even more?

Join our COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS challenge where you attempt to keep moving every day for 3 weeks in the run up to Christmas!

All you have to do is follow us on Instagram and you'll get a bunch of FREE short home workouts that you can do in your own time.

START DATE: Monday 4th December


What We Do


Come share the laughter, banter & get energised at our outdoor park bootcamp sessions! You’ll feel motivated, inspired and will make some incredible friends for life.


Whatever your goals, we can make them happen together. We'll find the best way for you to train that suits your body & your lifestyle.

Awesome bodies bootcamp trainings are amazing 💪
Challenging myself each time to push a bit more, to grow a bit more and shape my body better than I’d do it on my own. Motivation is what I need and the structured approach is so productive, looking and feeling so much better than a year ago.
Love training now ♥️

Nadejda Botnari

What do YOU want to achieve?

We decided we were capable of more... 
So, this year we decided to complete our
Spartan Trifecta!


What did the Spartan Trifecta involve? We had to run 3 races in 2023, a 5 KM, 10 KM and a 21 KM race, all with obstacles.

We trained all year, we ran, we sweated and we worked... And at the end of November, we finally did it! All 3 races complete.

The pride and the joy we felt made it all worth it! 

What's coming up for next year?

We shall see...

Online Workouts

Workout From Home

If you prefer to train in the comfort of your living room or you simply want an easy way to get an extra workout into your week, then head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe for lots of free home workout sessions.



Meath Gardens, Bethnal Green,
London, E2 0SN, 
England, United Kingdom

+44 7765 847 639

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