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Join the Fitsquad...

Fancy trying group fitness classes? THE GROUP SESSIONS aren’t just about the workouts... Come share some laughter, banter & get energised with a group of awesome people who have the same attitude as you! You’ll feel motivated, inspired and will make some incredible friends for life!

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September - November 2023

12 Weeks to BEAST mode 💪

For some of us, there are 12 weeks left until our 21K Spartan race... That means it's time to get serious about our training.

Whether you're racing or not, we're about to switch up our group bootcamp sessions with the aim of becoming our strongest, fittest selves yet by the end of this year!

The bootcamps are tough BUT all fitness levels are welcome :)
You work at your own pace and at a level that is best for your body... So don't be afraid!  

SEPT - NOV Schedule

All our classes are currently OUTSIDE.

TUESDAY EVENINGS 18:30 - 19:30



These sessions will be focused on building lower body, upper body and core muscle strength as well as strengthening your joints using both calisthenics and weight training. 

This season we are starting our very own running club! You might hate running (I know I did!) but with a little perseverance, you might find you start to enjoy it! We'll be aiming to run as a team, mixing things up with different training methods, starting & stopping, and throwing some additional exercises and obstacles into the mix. The aim is to make it FUN & build your team spirit, while also increasing your stamina & endurance for running.

A mix of everything, we'll challenge your cardio abilities with HIIT, continue to work on your strength, and challenge you with a variety of skills you need to become an all round athlete. 

Location: Meath Gardens

We usually meet in Meath Gardens (E2 0SN) by the basketball court.
Depending on the weather, we sometimes move locations. If you are planning to come to class, ask to join our Whatsapp group so you stay up to date with location changes or cancellations.



£10 per session

£50 for one of our loyalty cards - Buy 5 classes & get your 6th class free.


If you'd like to join the sessions, drop us a message to check the session is on (some classes are weather dependent) and come along!

+44 7765 847 639

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