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Our Philosophy

Body "transformations", six pack abs and a tight, round butt are all great... But do you know what's even better?

- Discovering your body's strength & power
- Gaining new skills you never thought you'd have 
- Feeling energised, able to jump and run and play with ease
- Feeling good and unstoppable and loving your workouts 

It’s time to start appreciating the amazing body you have, start learning how take care of it, love it and enjoy it!
It's time to discover what you are capable of.

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My Story

My name is Dani and it has taken me years to realise that my body is truly awesome.

I spent my 20’s feeling like to be successful and happy in life I needed to have the “perfect” body. I put myself through years of intense workouts, I over-trained, tried every fad-diet out there, starved myself, started binge eating and generally punished myself in a variety of ways all in an effort to gain what I thought was the “ideal” body type.

Did I ever reach my body goals? Of course not. I never felt I looked good enough and in general spent my time feeling hungry, tired and quite miserable if I’m honest.

When lockdown happened in 2020 and my intense, crazy life as a dancer and fitness instructor was put on hold, like many people, I had a moment to stop and reflect, and I realised that the way I was living was neither making me happy nor was it sustainable.

With no proper social life and a lack of work, my focus changed and I started trying things for fun – I took up boxing. I tried skateboarding. My gym had closed (much to my initial horror!) so I started trying home workouts or training outside. I bought a jump rope and started skipping every single day. I tried shuffle dance. I bought a pull up bar and started getting into calisthenics. I took some courses and did a lot mindset work.

The result? A year later I set up “Awesome Bodies”, providing Personal Training and Group Fitness classes with the aim to change people’s attitudes when it comes to keeping fit and staying healthy. Stop working out as a punishment because you hate what your body looks like and start realising that your body is capable of doing and achieving incredible things! If you look after it properly, it can grow stronger, more skilled and you’ll suddenly find yourself able to do things you never thought possible. You will start feeling good in it, you will have fun with it and you’ll appreciate it in all its awesomeness!

I learnt to start having fun with exercise again and in the process I learnt a tonne of new skills, took my strength to a whole new level and realised how amazing my body is to be able to do & achieve all these things (I still suck at skateboarding though!). 

Whatever your current fitness level or ability, all you have to do is take the first step and join us. Whether you prefer 1-2-1 training with me or you’d like to join our Fitsquad and be part of our weekly group classes, get in touch and tell me what you’re looking to do.

You never know what might happen… You might find you go from your sofa to climbing walls in your first ever Spartan race (yes, we actually did that this year!).

So drop me a message via the email or number below and let's do this! :)



- L3 Personal Training - 2021
- CPD Padwork - 2021
- CPD Mindful Nutrition - 2022

- Foundations of Wellness Coaching - 2023
- L2 Exercise To Music - 2012

- BSc (Hons) Zoology - 2008

– Co-founder & Director of Havana Londres


Want to work with me, ask a question or start a conversation? Let's connect.

+44 7765 847 639

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